According to the version of the 4 International Colleges & Universities portal Minsk Institute of Management boosted its position in the global ranking of universities websites almost by 700 points

4 International Colleges & Universities (4ICU) is an international educational portal, containing information about more than 10200 accredited universities and colleges in 200 different countries of the world.

It is worth to be mentioned that 4ICU ranking ( unlike, for example, Ranking Web of World universities)  don’t access academic achievements of the institutions of higher education as it is stated by Berlin principles on ranking of higher education institutions.

The main aim of 4ICU ranking is to provide consumers with rough estimate of the popularity of the world’s universities and colleges, according to the popularity of the institution’s website. The quality of educational programs as well as academic success of the institution of higher education is set aside.

During the process of making 4ICU ranking three unaffected web-metrics are used:

4ICU ranking is published twice a year: in January and July. According to July’s ranking world leaders are USA universities: Massachusetts Institute of Technology, University of Texas and University of Michigan. Number one among European universities is University of Cambridge (10 place), number one among Asian universities –University of Beijing (13). 

48 Belarusian websites were estimated in July ranking. For the past six month website of Minsk Institute of Management boosted its positions by 694 points and took 5976 place in the world ranking and 10th place among Belarusian universities. The results of the July ranking are in the table below:

07.08.2011 0

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