Nikolay Susha, rector of the Minsk Institute of Management, is awarded with a Medal “For Labor Merit”

Students and staff members of Minsk Institute of Management congratulate Nikolay Susha on his Medal “For Labor Merit” award.


Alexander Lukashenko, the president of the Republic of Belarus, rewarded a number of citizens with the state awards for their major achievements in such fields as industry, agriculture, construction, transport, science, education, environmental and community health protection, as well as in the services and culture sectors, government service and some other fields of labor activity. (Decree of the president of the Republic of Belarus № 128 of April 1, 2011 “On the Republic of Belarus state awards”).

Nikolay Susha is awarded with the medal particularly for his long-standing productive work, significant personal contribution to the training of highly qualified specialists for the national economy of the Republic of Belarus.


Nikolay Susha is the founder of the private educational institution “Minsk Institute of Management” and since 1994 he is the head of this institution.

Commitment, persistence and some other personal and professional qualities inherent in Nikolay Susha allowed him over the years of laborious and responsible work to create classical institution of higher education, which is well-regarded both in the republic and abroad.

Being an innovative person, the rector of the Minsk Institute of Management uses modern information and education technologies in his activity. Owing to this fact the institution has efficient and effective educational system.

Nikolay Susha pays much attention to the development of the institute’s material and technical base. Without any governmental preferences, the institute fix price for education lower than in leading state institutions of higher education and at the same time puts substantial funds in the development which became possible due to the competent financial management system.

Administration of the institute also pays much attention to the improvement of the HR potential. Being the author of more than 80 scientific works, Nikolay Susha sets a good example for his colleagues. Moreover Nikolay Susha was honored the title of the prize-winner of the international Nebolsin prize, he was also awarded the badge of the Ministry of Education of the Republic of Belarus, received the international Socrates award and the diplomas of the Ministry of Education of the Republic of Belarus and Minsk executive committee.

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