E-Library of Minsk Institute of Management in the January 2014 Ranking Web of Repositories

Regular edition of the world ranking of electronic repositories Ranking Web of Repositories is published. In that ranking e-library of Minsk Institute of Management is appraised for the third time.

The ranking covers more than 1746 repositories of higher education institutions and research centers all over the world. Eight e-libraries of Belarusian higher education institutions entered January 2014 ranking:

Place in Belarus Place in the world Changes in the world ranking since July 2013 Name of the repository
Place according to a seperate criteria
 Rich files

1 183 -86 Belarusian State University Digital Library 114 539 63 38

2 562 впервые Polessky State University Repository 801 452 812 928

3 773 -40

Belarusian National Technical University Repository

156 1019 431 840

4 1101 for the first time Yanka Kupala State University of Grodno Publications 963 1509 365 800

5 1273 +137 Minsk Institute of Management Electronic Library 854 1636 173 990

6 1359 +227 Electronic Library P O Sukhoi State Technical University of Gomel 936 1707 1095 769

7 1627 for the first time Repository of Belarusian State University of Culture and Arts 1470 1707 954 1510

8 1686 for the first time Belarus State Economic University Digital Library 1560 1707 1415 1530

The aim of this Ranking is to support Open Access initiatives and therefore free access to electronic scientific publications and other academic materials. 

The Ranking Web of Repositories is a list of mainly research-oriented repositories arranged according a composite index derived from their web presence and the web impact (link visibility) of their contents, data obtained from the major commercial search engines. The web indicators are used here to measure the global visibility and impact of the scientific repositories.

The four ranks are taken into consideration according to a formula where each one has a different weight but maintain the ratio 1:1 between activity and impact:

Size: Number of pages recovered from the largest engine: Google – 10%.
Rich files: Documents in file formats like Acrobat (.pdf), Word (.doc), PowerPoint (.ppt) and similar, according to the numbers extracted from Google (10%).
Scholar: Using Google Scholar database we collect the number of recent papers published between 2009-2013 (30%).
Visibility: The square root of the number of unique external links received (inlinks) multiplied by the number of originating webdomains. The value chosen is the maximum among the normalized results from the two main providers of link data: MajesticSEO and ahrefs (50%).

It is worth to be mentioned that e-library of Minsk Institute of Management takes 2nd place in Belarus according to the indicator “Rich Files”.

E-library of Minsk Institute of Management was established in spring 2011. At present the library contains more than 6100 files of full-text scientific publications. The repository is constantly being filled up, e-library’s interface is upgraded, and new facilities are added.

Visitors of the e-library can find materials of conferences, seminars and e-versions of journals, published in the institute; moreover, they can get automatically generated links to publications.

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