Rector Nikolay V. Susha

Founder of Minsk Innovation University.
Doctor of Economic Sciences, Professor.
Date of birth: February 4, 1952.

Farm and technical secondary school in Maryina Horka, qualification of a mechanic-technician.
Minsk Higher Party School, Department of Journalism.
Belarusian State Institute of National Economy named after V.V. Kuibyshev, majoring in «Industry planning».

Labor activity
He has an extensive experience in managerial and practical work at Belarusian enterprises and organizations:
1971 – foreman of the tractor squad of the collective farm named after Central Committee of the Communist Party of Byelorussia, Pukhovichi district, Minsk region;
1971–1973 – served in the Soviet Army;
1973 – head of the repair workshop of the collective farm named after Sverdlov, Cherven district, Minsk region;
1973-1975 – secretary of the party organisation of the collective farm «Peredovik», Cherven district, Minsk region;
1975-1979 – student at Minsk Higher Party School;
1979-1980 – instructor of Cherven district committee of the Communist Party of Byelorussia, Minsk region;
1980-1987 – director of Cherven bio-products plant, Minsk region;
1987-1988 – deputy chairman of the executive committee of Cherven district council, head of capital construction department;
1988-1989 – chairman of «Zodchiy» cooperative, Cherven, Minsk region;
1989-1991 – president of BSSR union of cooperators, Minsk;
1991-1994 – chairman of Belarusian union of entrepreneurs «Forum», Minsk;
Since 1994 up to date – rector of Minsk Institute of Management.

Academic qualification
Academic degree – Grand PhD in Economic sciences, major – economics and national economy management.
Dissertation issue «Strategy of innovation management in the higher education system of the Republic of Belarus (theory and practice)».
Academic title – Professor, major «Economics».

Scientific activities
Participates in research programs. He took an active part in international scientific conferences in the UK, USA, the Republic of Korea, Japan, Belgium and many other countries.
Editor-in-chief of scientific and practical journals «Economics and Management», «Innovative Educational technologies», «Current Issues of Science in the 21st century».
He is a member of the International Academy of Organizational and Administrative Sciences and Belarusian academy of Social Sciences. He is also a member of the Club of the Rectors of Europe.

Winner of the Nebolsin Prize introduced by St.Petersburg Professional Education Fund.
3rd, 2nd and 1st degree medals «For excellent work».
The Order «For education».
Socrates International Award (Oxford, Great Britain).
Medal «20 years of the Soviet withdrawal from Afghanistan».
Badge of the Ministry of Education of the Republic of Belarus «Excellence in Education».
The Order «For Labour Valor».
State award – medal «For Labor Merit».

Main scientific works
He has more than 80 published scientific works, including 5 monographs on the following issues: «Innovative Higher Education: theory and practice of development», «Informatization of organizational and economic management of non-state higher educational institutions at the present stage of higher education development», «Higher educational institution management by example of private higher educational institutions of the Republic of Belarus», «Financial management of a higher educational institution», «Economic mechanism of strategic management of higher educational institution development», and an educational textbook "Fundamentals of Management", approved by the Ministry of Education of the Republic of Belarus.

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