Language study course

LANGUAGE STUDY COURSE (Preparatory Course):

  • Russian Language.

Those foreign students who do not have enough knowledge level of the language of education are recommended to take a Preparatory Course.

If the Preparatory Course exams are passed successfully, foreign citizens get certificates of a completed Preparatory Course and are admitted to the chosen field of studies.

Russian language study fees

word document Application for admission to the courses of the Russian language

Language study  fees: 1200–1950 USD (the fees depend on study period, program and quantity of students in a group).

Classes begin as soon as group is staffed.

Duration: 1-9 month.

Foreign students can also be enrolled within the study preparatory course which includes Russian language study and profile subjects. The term of study within the praparatory course is 10 months. The first semester consists of intense Russian study; from December profile subjects are added to language course.

The tuition fee for preparatory course is 1950 USD.

Here is the example of study plan for physicomathematical profile.


Name of subject


Academic hours Study start
Russian language 704 1 September

Russian as a foreign language
(professionally directed

182 1 September
Mathematics 152 1 December
Physics 152 1 December