The University has two faculties and offers students the following specialties:

Faculty of Communication and Law


  • Information Systems and Technologies (in different spheres):
    • Information Systems and Technologies (in economics); qualification - programming engineer, economist
    • Information Systems and Technologies (in management); qualification - programming engineer

  • Information Technology Software; qualification - Software Engineer
  • Management; qualification - manager-economist
  • Marketing; qualification - marketer-economist
  • Jurisprudence; qualification - lawyer
  • Psychology; qualification - psychologist and a teacher of psychology
  • Modern Foreign Languages (translation); qualification - linguist, a translator (English and German languages); full-time education only is possible for this major
  • Design:
    • Design (object-spatial environment), qualification - designer
    • Design (three-D), qualification - designer
    • Design (communicative), qualification - designer
    • Design (virtual environment), qualification - designer

Master’s degree courses
Research and Educational Programs:

  • Management in Social and Economic Systems
  • System Analysis, Information Control and Processing (by industries)
  • Germanic Languages
  • Psychology
  • Jurisprudence
Practice-Oriented Programs:
  • Environmental Design
  • Marketing
  • Social psychology
  • Information Technology Software
  • Economics and Production Management; qualification - economist-manager
  • Business Accounting, Analysis and Auditing; qualification - economist
  • Finances and crediting; qualification of an economist
  • Transport Logistics; qualification - economist-programmer, expert in logistics

Master’s degree courses
Research and Educational Programs:

  • World Economics
  • Finances, Money Circulation and Credit
  • Economics and National Economy Management
  • Business Accounting, Statistics

Practice-Oriented Programs:

  • World Economics
  • Finance and Credit
  • Accounting, Analysis and Auditing
  • Economics and Management at Enterprises